Bio-Mat Temperature Settings

Power On
(no temperature chosen)
Generates Negative Ions only. The Bio-Mat will remain cool.
95° to 104° F
(35° to 40° C)
For overall general healthcare, immune support, boosts energy, relieves minor aches, and provides regenerative sleep. Often used for overnight sleeping. Some people will prefer to sleep warmer, and some less.
113° to 122° F
(45° to 50° C)
Used for athletes, flexibility training, cardiovascular support. This is a good temperature for a short 15 minute to 1/2 hour session.
131° to 140° F
(55° to 60° C)
Used to relieve joint pain, reduce stress and trauma, relaxation, elevates mood.
149° to 158° F
(65° to 70° C)
This range is similar to an infrared sauna, stimulates metabolism, supports blood circulation, and sanitizes bedding. People use this temperature a short session if they are feeling sick. (Limit time to 30 minutes to 1 hour as this range is similar to an infrared sauna.)

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