Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which temperature is right for me?
  2. Will the metal in my hip replacement heat up?
    No. The metal will not heat up..
  3. Does the Bio-Mat cure or kill cancer?
    Studies have shown that cancer cells cannot survive at 40 degrees celcius (113 degrees f) from far infrared light (Harvard Medical School). The far infrared light in the Bio-Mat is enhanced by the amethyst crystals and negative ions. This makes the infrared treatment of the Bio-Mat more effective. The negative ions help open the cells to clear out the toxins and cancers that may have been destroyed from the use of the far infrared light.
  4. There are several different sizes of Bio-Mats. What are the differences?
    All the Bio-Mats are built the same with the same 17 internal layers. What is different is the dimensions of the Bio-Mats, the style of the controllers, their prices and the Mini-Mat contains Tourmaline which helps enhance the benefits for a smaller Bio-Mat. Tourmaline is a natural "cooling" stone, naturally emits negative ions, and has other health properties.
  5. How long has the Bio-Mat been in use?
    It has been in use for sometime in hospitals in Korea and Japan. There has been a lot of research there. It became available to the US in 1997 and NASA has had that technology patented since the 1960s and became public domain in 1997. A similar technology as been used in cancer institues but cost $500,000. Now we can have this easily affordable FDA medical device in our own homes for pennies a day. Recently, doctors, hospitals and alternative care practitioners are using it with fantastic result.
  6. What voltages do the Bio-Mats come in?
    The Bio-Mats are availabe in 110V and 220V. The 220V is a special order and takes 15-20 days to arrive but there is no extra cost. International shipments are via UPS
  7. Can I get a discount if I purchase more than one?
    There are no bulk-quantity discounts. All the Bio-Mats cost the same for everyone. If you want more than one Bio-Mat, you can contact us so we can help you with your order.
  8. Do I get a discount if I become a distributor?
    The prices of the products are the same for everyone. There are no distributor discounts. If you purchase a Bio-Mat and a Distributor Kit from this website, we will give you a free Bio-Mat marketing website of your own which as Distributor Tools and training and is available 24/7. The Company does not sell directly to the public but instead uses distributors.
  9. Does the Bio-Mat Professional always come with a pillow or can I purchase just the Bio-Mat?
    You can buy them separately. Just go to the Store button and select the "Bio-Mat" button where you can see sizes, pricing, and shipping.
  10. What are the benefits of the pillow?
    The crystals in the pillow wrap are designed to keep the head cool while you are on the Bio-Mat. This helps the body tolerate the 158 degree tempurature. Place the pillow wrap on the Bio-Mat at 158 degrees and charge it for about 10 minutes to hold an energetic frequency. Once charged, the wrap will cool but it will also retain and emit that energy and this energy can help with upper respiratory ailments, problems in the neck, back, knee, etc and can be used apart from the Bio-Mat. It's a nice therapeutic addition that you can easily take with you
  11. I'd like to order some of these products. How do I do it?
    Click on the Store button. Find the catagory you want and click that button. Find the specific product you want and click it. Click the red Order Now button and add the item(s) to your cart. When you go to the cart, you can add quanties and delete items in your cart. We will receive notification of your order and we will process your order with the manufacturer. Check your email for your receipt of your order. You may have to check your spam filter.
  12. What payment methods do you take?
    We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards and debit cards.
  13. Do you ship Internationally?
    Yes. We ship via UPS internationally. However, there may be additional shipping fees. The purchaser is responsible for any fees or import taxes that apply in their country.
  14. There is a Professonal Discount. What is that?
    Licensed Professionals in the medical and wellness field, such as Chiropractors, massage therapists , RN, Acupuncturists, Dentists, etc. qualify for a $100 professional discount from the manufacturer. It is only available for the Professional sized Bio-Mat. You order the Professional Bio-Mat with Professio nal Discount option or Professional Bio-Mat Set with Professional Discount option fromt the store. Then fax or email a copy of your professional license or certification. We will process your order with the discount when we receive that document. Click here for more information on the Professional Discount
  15. Why are the Bio-Mats so expensive?
    To put this in a real life perspective: We do not add any additional cost, you receive manufacturer direct pricing. They have an over all 30 yr trade in or repair policy. 30 Years!!! That is astounding. Now for the bottom line: If it lasts you for 10 years, which is common and you spent around $2000.00 - that works out to $200.00 per year and less than 45 cents a day! What other therapy can provide pain reduction, reversing of ailments, rejuvenation, alleviation of insomnia, provide mental and emotional ease, help get you off of toxic medicines because your aches and pains diminish - for less than your daily cup of coffee, without any harmful side effects? The Bio-Mat does so much more. 45 cents a day is beyond an thoroughly magnificent value. Wouldn't it be nice if other products were so durable and life changing for just 50 cents a day? You receive much more therapy than you ever paid. (A mini-Bio-Mat is just 15 cents a day)
  16. I have a magnetic pad. Can I use it with my Bio-Mat?
    Yes. But if you have a "magnetic pulser" device, you must use it separately.
  17. I would like to become a distributor. How do I do that?
    Easy. After your qualifying purchase, we provide you with a free Bio-Mat marketing website, distributor tools and training. Your website and our tools and training are available 24/7. You can work your business at your own pace. The distributor kit is available for purchase in the store.
  18. I got an RX from my doctor for a Bio-Mat. Does health insurance pay for it?
    You'll have to contact your health insurance provider. It usually depends on the limits of your policy coverage.
  19. Why is there tourmaline alternating with the amythest in the Mini Bio-Mat?
    The developer said that with the smaller surface area, the tourmaline gave a better heat profile. The larger mats did not need that. They experimented using blind test, where people sat on mats with different configurations. They compared all amethyst, alternating rows, and doubling rows. Ultimately, they found the alternating amethyst and tourmaline was perceived to provide the best feeling. All Bio-Mats today also have a layer of tourmaline powder mixed with other elements to create negative ions. You do not see that from the outside.
  20. I have more questions.
    Please feel free to Contact Us.